Hero Description :
Sinjok Titans and the giants of the ancient Titan was born in the family not match the name of the giants Oeso be born. Both elders and adults around you might think of the curse. Contempt from all the Titan family was out. Titan Titan is the only parents but ahkkimyeo raised with love. Batdeon contempt and one thousand to be born oeso Titan, but always stay strong, stay grow. Sinjok head of Titan Cronus, his father, head of stepping foot in the place of the Titanic went up. Uranus, the father of Cronus defeated but driven out of power before the last curse was poured together. Trust will appear in the end of the curse. Father and children alike who stepped stepped stood after defeat Dark Depths of Hell at the end of the day will be the same jotgyeo. The trust is considered Cronus afraid to eat their own speed as a child from birth to kiwotjiman, last youngest only escape is the secret wife of Cronus. They've had and the hidden parts of the trust, Zeus the son of Kronos, father of the mother with the help of a child running away from the hands of Kronos hid in the deep forest. As an adult, according to the content of Zeus trust Kronos to rescue my stomach and vomiting his brothers and sisters to get me. Rescued Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter, Hestia, and together, using their arms and lightning begins a long, long war. But Titan's stature is war on the grounds that oeso also will not let go. Titan Titan is a noble fight for family. He would shout bojiman adults lack the scale to leave the Titanic without leaving to go fight. After leaving this lack of grown-ups you can still not able to produce armor for the diminutive. Titan's body to a small enough punch to make a huge Gauntlets wear, in order to participate in the war Doeneundeyo to start, but when you go to the battlefield near the Dawa already hold Zeus was unyielding and colleagues. Titan family is here and there were wounded or killed. Is indeed a moment of crisis, the future of the Titanic. What things would unfold? Titan's Fury: Taken off hold opponents. Ancient Anger : a strong force in pursuit of the enemy attack to summon ancient pillars. Wrath of the Titans : air and ground attacks, and swipe to move upward. Windmill : attacking enemies wielding giant pillars.

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