Sol Badguy

Hero Description :
This five consecutive outs attack and the fast-moving air in the air dash attack bad breakout steal rods yeomgeom after gear to realize that the blood specimens of the project, but that is increasingly moving away from the human living as a bounty hunter brush specialty batteredassociated skills and then float up again, blowing a battered stunning the opponent flying instantly blown away float the opponent float in the air attack battered the La Stump, yieoteu the discard, and then thrown in the hold of a relative proximity mercenaries coming attack from the ground.shows how brilliant attack in the air finalize. Dragon installation skills, melee attacks to give a defense to the destruction of property over a period of time with a powerful skill can be very dangerous. Sol Bad Guy earlier, it is recommended that you do not run one jump heoturu, the skills available in the public as well as on the ground, the skill and dash, and the conjunction of skills and skill, so quite.

Gear Design Template



Texture 2:

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