Skadi (Rare Hero)

Hero Description :
Skadi belong to the John tungye is the god of ice. Rockies rookie of tricks and maneuvers the barren John tunhe arbitrarily sent to other gods to multiple proposed. Skadi but without falling into the ploy of the Rockies, the Rockies will attack and chase succeeded. Rocky then again with the challenge Skadi attack, and force his father to escape Skadi abandon the living cabin. Skadi felt the lack of power to a stronger power deep chill of winter in the mountains hidden costs. Deep cave in the mountains in winter ice extent Amateur Skadi even feel the chill of frigid crystals found flushing, but seems to be a gap at the bottom bend dimensions are found. Dimensions given up through cracks in the ice crystals due to the Rockies and the Prairies Skadi is attacked again. Skadi father forced to power the ice crystals to absorb the power of the Rockies and the Prairies physical injury, but the Rockies penrireu Launching his minions to run away, with Skadieun penrireu fall in the gap dimension Lost Saga will descend to the world.

Gear Design Template

Weapon :

Armor :

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