Leghtning Mage

Hero Description :
Lightning Mage dealing with the blue light of the high-voltage electricity freely from the center ranged combat, and the magic of the Department of mercenaries how useful attacked in Melee range, battered, rigid and Steven. After summoning the ground between Thunder Storm control for a certain period of time and with your bare hands, but take some time If you hwijeotneunga the battlefield, not even tied up the opponent, causing a strong electric field creates electric shock opponent without the use of special techniques. the combination of a magic wand and the technology that could, a high connection bats attack is created. Create a Lightning Mage in melee situations, especially exhilarating electric shock electric shields relative to his physical attacks, Chain Lightning, Lightning Shield and the surrounding relative to an electric shock to the chain of Dain, the ultimate specialist. look at the Lightning Mage buffer rushing into the camp of allies to maintain the appropriate intervals between allies not get electrocuted it would be a great help.

Gear Design Template


Texture 2 :

Texture 3


Helmet :

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