Iori Yagami

Hero Description :
Red flame, but the original one of the descendants of the house of samsingi: Kusanagi such as by the arm geoljip of lying family samsingi turn the enemy clan to use the blue flame and the power of Orochi. Seeing them excited enough to lose the self in a duel by instinct Yagami Utensils gomusul and the when imhamyeo duel and fighting enjoying themselves look, to make tremble in fear. To punish a rival of Kyo Kusanagi Well, to grab the target to blow up the fire, and then battered this month to blow up the fire, his only goal in life to knock up the target 212-gold-1211 gold to blow up a pillar of fire, battered arm Slut. 1207-darkness to get your deleted, and then leap to move the Lee 1029-yeomgu to blow up a strong fire focuses, and to be active in the air rather than the ground melee mercenaries.

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