Hero Description :
Parents Goa Cheonaegok without. The day-to-day and a tight netting boy begging for food, but the boy had a dream. One day, the boy climbed into the mountains in search of food galleries! Have found a moment to rest in a cave containing old books and martial action chaeken them were drawn in detail, the boys learned the martial arts of the book, and the larger physique. went hungry stomach in the inn and have not had to deal with people in the neighborhood that day extortion money to the children of less than bottom. Tried to extort a boy found an old man and an inn, eating Possum Possum to the elderly. But the old man teacher of Gallery trunk lines was munno, been persistently chased the old man, was a disciple, one day after a hard training boys to elderly civilians galleries can not be delivered to say, the boy dreams come true then, one day, save the woman jjotgideon gunmen give the boy to reality that can not be discouraged after that, the boy sold more practicing to ease your mind complex her name Deongman, chased the midst lose the grace and nobleness did feel a crush on her. Wind speculum boys floating around, the Deongman Seorabeol dreams gallery, but eventually left the boy, from the other galleries reports the decree draws the the colon pungwolju of a gallery, participate, and eventually in pungwolju contest to win. the wind blowing straight into the blade, use the wind arrows of fury of the wind blowing around the enemy gathered by releasing the power of the wind, wind protection, to protect the body by the power of the wind to fly very long distances to hit the enemy flagship It is a mercenary.

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