Grim Reaper

Hero Description :
Assault Mercenary power-wielding a large scythe menacing alone View boasts a powerful offense as worthy of the name Grim Reaper.Himself to the opponent's defense huge sickle torque, raise the float special attacks, the Bears up myeolsal rapidly approaching the sickle gwicham and relative to ttuiwooge in the air for a while, fired Evil Soul Redeemer offset style attack, the public 4.the relative lack of physical battering jump attack, coupled with the ability to subdue at one point discarded. In addition, because the mobile instantly skills, amseup the back, etc. relative sell a second glance, the appearance of the god wielding a scythe bright smile faded? Suddenly appeared behind you will see. Back during the battle and suddenly feel Suppose that cool when already you will be able to ride up on the express train to the Nether.

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