Hero Description :
TFlash is a scientist who contributed to the development of the human race was But the world outside him, and he fell in solitude. In the meantime, all the defense system in the laboratory of breaking down the mysterious armed group Trigona him run the world offer to make weapons. Scientists worry, but his sense of betrayal and your back to the large amount of the world led to the development approval of the compensation. Continues to develop as a scientist with a passion and led eventually develop better equipment can produce electricity themselves, and the speed of light can form a powerful suite sikige progress has been greatly developed. Attach the name Flash, these unintended powerful weapons and a place for a surprise, I think. But they feared that it can stand up to armed groups were subjected to a sudden attack. Other scientists back to the world being used for those values ​​betrayed extreme anger will punish them directly and tremble. But even punish them, and turned towards the world itself for the fact that... In the end could not resist turning the flash as the main generator of the laboratory will throw themselves into the body. Disappeared with intense light flash were to be moved into the world of Lost Saga. Flash's new ability to better make use of their high speed, and then moved to the approach of the enemy, by electric shock, damage and teleportation and mercenaries in a row is rare to attack. Flash posse, flash jigong shots, flash mobile, flash is used as the main tornado.

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Texture 2 :

Head :

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