Dark Shaman

Hero Description :
The Dark Shaman is a mercenary force of darkness, a dark sense of family witchcraft. Send puppets of chaos, as opposed to opponent's willingness to blow the opponent can not come into the hand of the retribution far from the cliff and move yourself if you do you jumpy. In a head-to-head with the powerful primary attack skills using a Unlike other magical series of mercenaries, the power of darkness is never pushed. Focusing on combat than anything ever, backed by the darkness around the spleen, which can be deceptive spell of the dark sorcerer, only the spirit of the target which take away the opponent's willingness to obfuscate technology. The deceptively target, even if the followers of the dark sorcerer in front of the cliff of darkness, to go along Shaman technology.Fill the mana own Blood consumption stamina, plus the ability and why he is Shadow Shaman will explain.

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