Bruce Lee

Hero Description :
Bruce Lee was born in an ordinary home in the empire of the province. Bruce Lee's father was a knight who was in the capital of the empire. To 8 years of the release of the first out the paint can learn martial arts. As you learn to paint in earnest, the Bruce Lee's martial arts skills appear more and more prominence. Bruce Lee has sought to teach the best, Bruce Lee is like teaching like a sponge absorbing all. This sought out Bruce Lee's talent will be recommended to be able to flourish their talents sent to the capital of the empire to his father Lee. Bruce Lee's an important time of your life because your parents will worry a lot about you. I can not go with you decided to spend the convenience of home alone studying martial arts for Bruce Lee's future. Bruce Lee arrived in the capital! Painting like to go to just to start training personnel. After a few months, Bruce Lee feels that there is a lot to learn best wheels painted anymore. Bruce Lee eventually like to talk to you alone, leave my master martial arts training. Bruce Lee went deep into the mountains and think of the last time you will take the time to clean up. Then one day he rings ear Lee deep in the mountains are mighty cries of doubt about the ohgamyeon the mountain starts echoing beat here and there. Bruce Lee will start up sound, I packed a simple luggage. Contrary to speculation and thought Bruce Lee would think the sound is quite a distance closer than the cursor toward the sound, I only ventured. The acid exceeds or two, a wide open space has turned out. There are many trees around, as if someone were broken cold feet. Have you ever thought that clears his breath ... Explore the surroundings be the bad guy does not know. Blurry shapes shoulder walking distance, there has been a deer one year eophyeo stunned. Jilkkeun tied the belt around his bare hands and bare feet, hair, house with a body that looks like a rock hardens. Bruce Lee introduces expose themselves to the good spirit. Opponent is called 'the degree taegwonmu "authentic heir of Taekwondo. Bruce Lee met in a long time favorite! Bruce Lee Tae Kwon mudoga also seems somehow to mind. And also share a serious discussion as also chatted about the martial arts, and sometimes also gamyeo Dalian Hannah can give a good effect on each other. Bruce Lee lived a few months so many things to help, a lot of things to learn Taekwon mudoga and hair As you decided to make the practice of martial arts Lehman. Malyijyo a real battle, not the purpose of the martial arts discipline of mind and body! Bruce Lee exit to complete the martial arts moves into his own hands-on retreat. The attack of the opponent and hitting fist That means that first break, 'break clause 截' and then the 'fist rights 拳' hang up first attack of "the road 道 'relative to jeolgwon, a martial arts club that has a meaning. V. Bruce Lee's martial arts books I can beat a lot of stick and leader of the world? Bruce Lee rises to travel again to complete the martial art of their own.

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