Bos Mafia

Hero Description :
Mafia film noir atmosphere of drifting mulssin a mercenary the battered type of family.Any other mercenaries have the ability to maximize the speaker is difficult to close, while baekseutep, instead of reducing the twins were often used by Hong Kong film hero no matter the distance or the number of bullets or throw out a bomb was in the product, the primary weapon approach to the next upload.powerful the speakers ability of the twins after the opponent into the air, floated in the air instantly opponent discards made ​​of honeycomb. Dark back alley in order to survive childhood, why he came up to the place of the current skill dagger hesitant to unseat a powerful opponent to aim at the opponent's underbelly quickly reeling under the blow to the enemy attack, even when the shows. If you were non-drought with a bullet in the magazine as OCD, however, seemed to feel in a white shawl, and tried to reload, even moment to avoid the bodies, even in emergency situations, always busy, and if possible to reload step by bullet to move the body effort. Because the existing the mercenaries and style of different experienced enough to lead the Chi can control the mob strong personality.

Gear Design Template


 Texture 2:

Texture 3:

Helmet :

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